Solar Eclipse Glasses (with free download code)

from Clayton Dell

**PICKUP ONLY** These are no longer available for shipment because they are unlikely to make it before the Solar Eclipse. Please contact me if you would still like a pair and I will arrange for them to be available for pickup in Calgary, AB or Saskatoon, SK (limited quantities)

The MOON is going to pass in front of the freaking SUN on August 21st, so I decided to release my first solo song, New Skies, on that day! These glasses come with a free download code that can be redeemed when the song is released.

The Solar Eclipse Shades have safety approval for direct viewing of the sun. The Total Solar Eclipse will be visible from anywhere in North America, but unless you're along the thin path of the umbra in the USA, you won't experience total blackout which is where these glasses come in. And don't throw them out after the eclipse because they can also be used to view sunspots, the transit of Mercury in 2019, future eclipses, or to look at the filaments in light bulbs and flashlights or whatever.

The website below will tell you what you can expect to see and when the eclipse will occur in Calgary (or other cities if you change the location):

Artwork by Nathan Miller (

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